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Tomorrow morning (9/22/2014) I will be appearing live on Good Day Sacramento with the lovely Melissa Cabral sometime during the 9am time slot.  If you live out of the area, you can stream the show live online here.  My little Rinos and I are very excited.  If you want to see some of my other posts and segments with Good Day Sacramento you can see them here.  Spoiler alert: I will be wielding a power tool LIVE!



Kidaround Magazine and Child Cancer



Have you checked out the September-October issue of Kidaround Magazine yet?  If not, you definitely need to!  You can pick it up around town, or read it online here.  It’s the Family Issue and is full of interesting families to meet, like the Webers.  Nichole was a featured Five for Friday mama in August.  That’s how I met Nichol, by interviewing her family for Kidaround.


You can find my article about the Webers on page 21.  I was so impressed with them from the moment they opened their door to me.  Bryce is a vibrant, full-of-life, mile-a-minute kid.  You would never guess that he had battled a life threatening disease not long ago.  Their younger son is so in love with his big bro.  He’s such a sweet little guy that wants to do everything his super hero brother is doing.  Nichol and Erec take it all in stride, they don’t treat Bryce differently or handle him with kid gloves.

Today I am re-running Nichol’s Five for Friday post to share my article to you, but also to tell you that September is Child and Blood Cancer Awareness month.  From donating time, donating money, and spreading the word that September is the month to shine a light on such a devastating and heartbreaking disease.  To help support the cause, you can buy Bryce and the Blood Ninjas at bryceandthebloodninjas.com and a portion of the proceeds from the book go to Keaton Raphael Memorial and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Another way to donate is by going directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society website to help them reach their goal of $300,000 in 30 days.  They are only $38,604 away!

Meet Nichol

photo 1a

This mama is an inspiration.  Her family experienced something that would test the bonds of any family.  Instead of feeling the strain, their experience and pain pulled them together.  Even their unborn son was strong enough to wait to be born until just the right time.  If baby James had been born any earlier, the tests they ran on his big brother would never have shown that he had cancer.  Another amazing thing about Nichol and her family, is that they never focused on that diagnosis.  They focused on life and enjoying every moment they were given.  Here is their story of family strength in Nichol’s own words.

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Household Tricks via Pinterest


Oh mamas, how many times did I hear “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” in my lifetime?  Far too many times, enough to realize it’s a really dumb saying and that I am the East to Godliness’s West.  When I was growing up, I was not the “super-duper-clean-everything-possible” kid.  But I wasn’t “Pig-Pen” either.  I fell somewhere in the middle.  When I went away to college I was whipped into shape by a very tidy roommate.  I learned a lot from her and she is still one of my most favorite people ever, and yes, I’m still learning a lot from her.  When she and I lived together, there were six of us in ONE on-campus apartment.  That’s two girls per room with one kitchen and one bathroom, it all added up to a lot of hair and mess.  Some of us (me included) needed reminders about cleaning up after ourselves.  Well, my girl decided to take matters into her own hands and right notes to be left at the scene of messes.  The signs read something like “Clean your mess”, but they were always signed from “The Management”.  Ha!  That girl kills me.  Last week I thought about leaving a similar sign, but I knew my request would not be heeded by my little Rinos.

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Ponytail Streamer Tutorial


headerI’ve seen these adorable ponytail streamers on girls playing all kinds of sports for awhile now.  They are so cute!  Just tons of long ribbons that hang into their ponytails.  When Lyla started soccer last year I HAD to get her one!  Well, after shelling out $12 I was a little disappointed, I mean it was still cute, but it was fraying at the ends, the ribbons weren’t really long enough for her hair, and it wasn’t personalized to her team or with her name.  So, I decided to make my own for all the Unicorns.  I looked at a few different tutorials on how to make them including a glueing and sewing version.  The glue got too thick and clumpy and the sewing one didn’t allow for the ribbons to hang every which way.  Here’s how I did it.

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