Meet Heather

I have a fabulous, strong, determined mama for you all to meet today.  Her name is Heather.  We met about the same time I met many of my Folsom “mom” friends.  At the Mercy New Moms Support group when I was wearing my yoga pants inside-out and Lyla was only three weeks old.  We went through the trials and tribulations of being new moms together.  She had a head start as her son, Jameson, is a few months older than Lyla.  So basically that made her a pro compared to my shmeasly three weeks as a mom.  She had really good advice, was super kind and friendly, and always had a smile on her face.  Heather and all the other MNMs offered me something no one else could during that time in my life, they understood exactly what I was dealing with.  From that, friendships grew.  Heather now has two adorable kiddos and turned something she is passionate about into a business.

Meet Heather

IMG_0792 copy

Photo by Images from Amy

Hi!!  My name is Heather Gwinup, and I live “up the hill” from Sacramento, in Shingle Springs, CA. I have been married to my fabulous hubby, James, for eleven years. He is a local family law attorney and partner at a small firm here in Cameron Park.

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Top Halloween Pins


Halloween is only EIGHT days away.  Crazy!  In the spookiest of spirits I’m inspiring you to do one more push towards celebrating the creepiest holiday.  Last week I shared my favorite costumes from Pinterest, and this week it’s all about decor.  I tried to find things that were really easy to put together with stuff you probably already have on hand.  I hope you’re ready for all the ghouls and goblins to come knocking at your door!

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Kim’s Halloween Home Tour



Have you ever seen someone post some amazing Halloween decor on FB and wanted to see more and know more?  That was the case when Kim (you may remember her from here) posted a few shots of her home.  I loved the spooky feel, it was done in a way that felt like maybe that’s how her home always is… I emailed her and asked if she would send more pictures and tell us how it all came together.  Kim is very creative and crafty and loves to make things by hand.  She’s also super kind!  She emailed back with a detailed description of her spooky, elegant, handmade decor.



If you’ve ever seen a black Honda minivan around town with a sticker on the back, which reads, “Where the wild things ride”, we’ve kind of met.  I’m Kim Pratt, I live in El Dorado Hills with my four little boys and my husband Jason.

I love the idea of a spooky, creepy Halloween. I like items that are made out of decor that I would keep in my house year round. Glass vases, burlap, and wood wreaths. These are textures and colors found throughout my home.
Next to my dining table is a buffet that I love to dress up for holidays. I always have glass apothecary jars floating around because they dress up whatever you place inside. For instance I have plastic rats, small skulls, and black feathers in the three jars above.
The spooky burlap banner I made out of 4” burlap ribbon found at Michaels and Joann’s. I cut it into 6” pieces, I made some bias tape from black and creme fabric and sewed the burlap squares onto the tape. Then, I painted letters on the burlap and snipped triangles at each squares end.
The wreath was a spring time wreath from target, it went on sale for $14 at the end of summer. I just layered the hanging skeleton on top and clipped the a little spooky bird onto the wreath.  The wood owl came from Home Goods this year. When I saw him I knew he was mine. I bought hime, buckled him in, and drove him home.  The feathers, plastic rats, and skull heads were all found at Walmart last year (2013) however, those types of stores like to bring back the same items year after year so you may be able to find them this year.
I found these candy jars one year (2009) at TJ Maxx. They are some of my favorite Halloween candy containers.
This is just some grey woven cheese cloth that Target sold last year and is selling again. It gives a great vintage spooky vibe. Add a spider and it seems like the real deal, not cheesy the way spider web in the bag can seem.  The copper witches hat was a gift from my mom a few years back. Halloween is her favorite holiday.  The french burlap runner is on my table year round.
I enjoy decorating our staircase for every holiday.  The Halloween banner I made a few years back out of card stock. I sewed the paper together in my sewing machine, much faster than gluing.  The garland is a black feather garland that Target sold in 2008, they have yet to bring it back (exception: 2 years ago they brought it back but it had red feathers, not my thing) and I only got two strands, seriously if I ever see black feather garland again I’m going to buy it all.  On top of the feathers I just wrapped some more woven cheesecloth.

The raven below is the Owls friend. I found him at Home Goods as well. It was the best day. The trick with Halloween decor is you have to go to Home Goods in the beginning of September. The good stuff sells fast. Im still waiting for a whitch I wanted one year to come back.


The black feather wreath is a companion to the feather garland that Target sold years back.  The black craft pumpkin I painted with Chalkboard paint and wrote spooky on with chalk.  The white craft pumpkin is simply stuck inside of a woman’s stalking. I just cut the leg off the pair and worked the pumpkin in; then knotted the top.  And since I had a great Raven… I paired him with an Edgar Allen Poe book.
And you can’t forget about the skeleton in the High Chair.
Last thought. I love orange. I wear orange. I sew everything out of orange. However, for some reason I never feel like orange is appropriate for Halloween. I always flock to blacks, cremes and metals, those colors just suit my home and the look I’m going for.
LOVE it Kim!  Thanks so much for giving us the down low.  I especially love the Edgar Allen Poe book, I need one of those!  My mom has that feather wreath as well, it’s always been one of my favorites.  Oh, and the stocking around the pumpkin…GENIUS!  I’m totally doing that with some of my craft pumpkins!
Thanks so much for giving us your SPOOKTACULAR tour Kim.  It’s seriously fabulous!

Chicken Ranch Wraps

CHicken Ranch Wraps

Well Hello again, Mama Momtourage readers! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. In case you didn’t catch last Monday’s Post my name is Megan and last year I started a Facebook page, Crocktober.  (Don’t forget to “like” her page for daily updates!) I have been going crazy with my crock pot and I am here to share with you my favorite recipe from the past week.

Hands down best recipe of the week was……Chicken Ranch Wraps

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Birthday Reflections


I will be celebrating my birthday this weekend.  I don’t have anything exciting planned… I will have a family dinner that will include Corti’s Ravs and homemade cake and vanilla ice cream from my fave ice cream shop.  Visiting friends, having some family time, a soccer game.  That’s about it.  I opted to wait to celebrate with friends for a little while.

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Halloween Costumes

large collage

This is a crazy busy month!!!!  With Halloween parties, fall festivals, birthday parties, trips to the pumpkin patch, and the list goes on… It’s definitely time to start thinking about  Halloween costumes.  Chances are your little girl wants to be Anna or Elsa and your son wants to be a super hero, a Ninja Turtle, or a Transformer.  This list is kinda off the wall and outta the box, most are handmade and all are pretty quirky…  Just the way I like it.

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Live Longer

live longer

A few weeks ago, I was having brunch with some girlfriends I’ve known for a very very long time.  At some point, we all exposed our worst fears and they were oddly similar.  These concerns had been wearing on each of us for some time and just happened to come to the surface.

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