Meet Courtney Carlmark

Today I have a very special 5-4-F!  It’s a first ever NOMINATION!  Yep, I’m a little excited about this one!  The lovely Suzanne (from this 5-4-F), sent an email nominating the beautiful Courtney Carlmark.  I’m so glad she did.  THIS is a good one guys.  If you would like to nominate a mama for an upcoming 5-4-F, email me at mamamomtourage {at} gmail {dot} com.



Suzanne’s ridiculously adorable son Trey with a pretty fab head of hair.

Here’s what Suzanne has to say about Courtney…

I met her in January in the mother’s room at Babies R Us in Folsom. She commented on Trey’s crazy hair and said her daughter was jealous, because she’s bald. So, we had a great conversation. After she said she was getting into photography, I decided I wanted her to do Trey’s first photos. She did an amazing job and I’ve referred a ton of people to her. And we’ve become good friends. She’s an incredible stay-at-home mom that is a rock star and runs her own business too. I envy her! There is a light about her that is infectious. You can’t help but smile when you’re around her. And, her husband, Rob, is awesome and super funny!

Meet Courtney

Carlmark -29

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My favorite Pinners

I am a major Pinterest loving weirdo, and today I’m going to share my top pinners!  These fellow pinners and I are Pinterest soul mates, style sisters.  They are the ones that pin everything in my dreams or everything I just pinned!  You can see all the Pinners I follow here.  You can click here to see all 89 of my boards and follow me on Pinterest if you don’t already.


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Momtourage Group Safety Course with Hector Alvarez


With the kids back in school, our schedules filling up faster and faster, and the sun setting earlier and earlier, it’s time to remind ourselves about the importance of our personal safety.

Tuesday, September 23rd

from 7:30pm to 9:00pm

(location TBD)

Don’t expect a boring safety talk!  Hector’s class will be a lot of fun, a little comedy, education, and self defense all rolled into one.

Wear clothes you can move in as we will be practicing some life saving, hands-on technique.

$20 per person (paid to the instructor day of class)


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My Go-To Make Ahead Recipe


Last week we had our first ever MNO Pot Luck.  It was a super fun time hosted by the fabulous and gorgeous Aimee.  You can read her Five for Friday post here.  First of all, Aimee’s house is absolutely gorgeous!  She has a chic, colorful, and slightly modern sense of style.  By the end of the night everyone was asking her to come to their house and re-decorate for them!  Second, I totally didn’t take nearly enough pictures of all the different dishes the mamas brought.  But I’ll still roll out all their recipes for you because there was not a bad dish in the bunch!

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All Kinds of Kinds

Miranda - all kinds of kinds

Thanks Miranda, this is a good reminder for anyone in life, but especially for kids that are back to school and for parents with kids gong back to school.  It can be tough to make friends, it can be tough to meet new people, teachers, and parents.  But without all  different kinds of people in the world, life would be boring.  Accept eccentricities, shyness, gregarious personalities, and the know-it-alls.  They all come together to create the tapestry of your life.

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Meet Jenn

I had the pleasure of meeting this hot mama while doing an eyebrow segment for Good Day Sacramento.  You can see the video here.  She was teaching me some great tips and tricks for filling in my thin and light colored eyebrows.  She also introduced me to some new products and product lines.  Love that!  She is a wealth of information when it comes to all things beauty.  You can find her business on Facebook at Jenn Marie Makeup Artistry where she’s always sharing her wisdom to help us all look our best.  She a talented, sweet, and kind mom to three super adorable kids!

Meet Jenn

Hi Mama Momtourage readers, my name is Jenn Moore. It’s been fun following this wonderful blog & I’m honored to be featured on the Five for Friday!


Photo by Karlee B Photography

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