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headerI’ve seen these adorable ponytail streamers on girls playing all kinds of sports for awhile now.  They are so cute!  Just tons of long ribbons that hang into their ponytails.  When Lyla started soccer last year I HAD to get her one!  Well, after shelling out $12 I was a little disappointed, I mean it was still cute, but it was fraying at the ends, the ribbons weren’t really long enough for her hair, and it wasn’t personalized to her team or with her name.  So, I decided to make my own for all the Unicorns.  I looked at a few different tutorials on how to make them including a glueing and sewing version.  The glue got too thick and clumpy and the sewing one didn’t allow for the ribbons to hang every which way.  Here’s how I did it.

DSC_4479 First you need to start gathering your ribbons.  I wanted to have tons of ribbons in their team colors, a few to represent the sport, and one for their team name – the Unicorns.  I like the ribbons pretty long, so I cut them into about 15″ long pieces.


After that, I added some flair by giving the ends some cute finishing cuts with diagonals and V cuts.  So much cuter than a blunt cut, right?


Also, to make sure the ends don’t fray like the one above, I needed to seal all the ribbons.


I used my hand lighter and just moved the flame below the ribbon.  It happens really fast.  You can see the fabric sort of seize up and seal itself.


When you’re done it should have a little hard lip on the end of it.


To personalize their names, I used these iron on letters from Joanns.  If I had a cricut, I’m sure this process would have been way easier.


I cut out my letters and lined them up on the 1 1/2″ ribbon I selected for them and used a ruler to make sure they were as straight as possible.


I followed the instructions and let the iron sit on each side of the ribbon for about 15 seconds.  The directions also said to let the letters cool off before removing the paper.  Unfortunately that didn’t work out too well for me.  They ended with with some of the paper sticking to the letters.


Until I wised up, I just used my exacto knife to remove the paper pieces


Now I’m ready to start putting the streamers together.  I kept the scissors, exacto, and lighter nearby in case I came across something I missed.  Also, if you’re making a large batch of these I recommend stacking your ribbons in paper towels to keep the separated.


I’ve got my ribbons laid out and ready to rock.


Just start double knotting them on the rubber band.  I alternated colors and sizes.  Don’t be too concerned about making sure each side is even, it actually looks cuter if they are a little different sizes.  I do recommend putting the name ribbon on the far side and avoiding the seem of the rubber band too.

DSC_4539 Here’s the finished product.  Pretty cute!!


And looking super cute on my little model.


After they were all put together, I popped them into little bags and gave them to all the Unicorns at our team BBQ and swim party.  They loved them!


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19 thoughts on “Ponytail Streamer Tutorial

  1. Super cute. Can’t wait for my kiddos to play team sports! What happened to puffy paint. I spent hours practicing each name before writing it on the ribbon only to have an air bubble explode the paint onto the ribbon. Oh those were the days :)

  2. Oh and a practical question here…do you use the rubber band the same way? Like can you wrap it around multiple times or do you just use this one as a finishing band and use another non ribboned one first to make tight pony. (Sorry if that was confusing)

    • Excellent question. Yes,you can use the rubber band with the ribbons just like a regular old rubber band. But, because I’m a little OCD, I tend to use it as a finishing ribbon. XO

    • You definitely use the rubber band/hair elastic the same. What I do though, is I use a regular hair elastic first to secure a good pony tail. Then I carefully put the band with the streamers on last.

  3. Just curious how many spools of ribbon I might need to buy? 13 girls on our softball team… 😉

    • Hi, love the name! I made them for the 12 girls on our team. I bought about 4 spools of 9ft ribbon. I over bought because I knew I could return any unused spools. I do suggest you buy more of the type of ribbon you plan to put the names on (if you plan to do the names) because it took me a little time to get that just right. Good luck!

      • Hi! Super cool idea by the way :-)

        I’m not interested in buying these rather in making them and selling them for my daughters ball team. How much would you sell them for? And Do you know how much the cost is to make these?

      • Aha! OK, I totally get it. I think you could get away with $10 for the custom names and $7 for the ones without names and about break even.

  4. I did this for my daughters softball team just as you described…and they turned out awesome. Minus the name ribbon. Which I plan to do in the future. The girls loved them! Thanks for posting! I have 3 daughters and spend so much on Hair Stuff and can’t wait to make more of these for their ponytails! I just bought one last week at Justice and spent $12 on it when I spent $30 on supplies and made 12 of them! Thanks again!

    • Wow! That’s so awesome Allison! Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m so glad I could help and save you some money!

  5. Hello there!
    I commented down below on one of your replies, but I have an additional question. Do you tie the ribbon all the way around the rubber band or just one side of the rubber band?

    By the way, thanks for sharing your expertise ☺️

    • Hi Carrie! You’re welcome! Thanks for visiting my page! I just tied them on half of the rubber band. Then, when I put it in my daughter’s hair, I sort of move around the ribbons to make it look cute. Plus, I’m real weirdo so I have to make sure the ribbon with her name on it is facing out. Hope that helps!

  6. I made 13 for my teeball team yesterday. The girls loved them. Now I may have gone with the more expensive ribbon because it sparkled… But i spent $65+ for ribbon and hair ties and 5 packages of letters. Those darn ‘A’s”.

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