Genius New Baby Product

Genius New Baby Product

When a mom of four boys under the age of six starts talking about a way she has found to make her life easier everyone, even seasoned moms, listens.  Why?  Because I have a hard enough time with 1/2 of the children she has and I’m sure I can learn more than a thing or two from her.  When that same supermom creates a Genius New Baby Product to make every mom’s life easier we run right out and buy it!

I have introduced seasoned readers to Kim Pratt before, she educated us on the ease of at-home peels and made us laugh with a story about her son eating dog food.  In October, she showed us her gorgeously spooky Halloween house.

She’s back and she’s got some very very exciting info to share with us!
Genius New Baby Product

I’m a local El Dorado Hills mom and I will solve your “on demand fetch routine”.

Genius New Baby Product

Last year when my youngest was born, I had 4 boys, 5 years and younger. It seemed like I could never make anyone happy, and I was exhausted trying.  When my baby reached 4 months old, a new obstacle arose. How to keep him from dropping his pacifier and toy?  This is what I refer to as my “on demand fetch routine”. Besides my baby crying for the dropped item; now it needed to be cleaned and sometimes, especially in the car, I couldn’t find it.

Genius New Baby Product

I decided to make a bib with a leash, so that a pacifier or toy could be attached solving one obstacle I faced every day. I’ve been making them during nap times and selling them on Etsy, to friends, and giving them at baby showers.

Genius New Baby Product

Since I never see my product mass produced and distributed, I’m leaping into the world of product development and manufacturing. I went to India last November and found a manufacturer who would produce what I wanted and allow small minimums. My first product release will include: 4 color options in the bib, 4 color options in the hat, and 4 color options in the blanket. These items will be sold separately as well as in gift sets which make great baby shower gifts.

Genius New Baby Product

My brand is Freckle Baby; all Freckle Baby items are certified 100% Organic Cotton, and initially Freckle Baby products will be sold at


Currently, I am running a Kickstarter Campaign. If your not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a crowd funding website, where startups raise money by offering their products at discount. Right now you can go to my Kickstarter project and receive special rates by supporting Freckle Baby early. Reward #3 offers the first 100 backers 2 bibs for $20, a $36 value. Reward #5 offers the first 100 backers a gift set for $36, a $60 value. If you don’t have a bib or blanket need, but want to support a local mom entrepreneur, Reward #2 is a $10 pledge and you receive a hand drawn card from my 6 year old and a Freckle Baby coloring book download.

Genius New Baby Product

The money pledged on Kickstarter will allow me to place the manufacture order and send everyone who pledged, their bibs, blankets, and hats. I’m excited about this venture, about what it means for me personally, but I’m most excited about being able to create something while being a stay at home.

Now with a line of baby products that solve the “on demand fetch routine”, babies and moms have one less thing to cry about.

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Isn’t this an awesome idea?!  I can remember all the times when I needed to pick something up in the car, at the grocery store, or when they were in the high chair.  When B was just born and Lyla was only 2 I know this would have come in handy.  If you have a baby, if you know someone who is having a baby, if you just like to support local people with awesome ideas, or if you’re a grandparent who takes care of a baby support her Kickstarter campaign.  You’ll get her adorable products!  If you don’t want the bibs but you like what she’s doing you can support this local momtreprenuer and get an adorable hand drawn card by her 6yo.  So sweet.  I would like to see what else Kim can do with some extra financial backing!

What do you think of this Genius New Baby Product??


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