Kids Books with Crafts and Snacks to Inspire (video)

Kids Books with Crafts and Snacks to Inspire

Kids Books with Crafts and Snacks to Inspire

Children love hearing stories and looking at pictures that bring the story to life.  It’s easy to enjoy a book as a young child when someone reads it to you.  It’s pure enjoyment.  As kids get older, it gets a little more difficult, especially when learning how to read doesn’t click instantly.  That’s why its important to show kids all the different ways we can inspire be inspired by books.  Far beyond the page and the written word.  Explaining the moral in every story not only models valuable life lessons, but shows kids that books are much more than just entertaining stories.

Today I am on Good Day Sacramento sharing a few ways to enjoy books other than just reading them.  I have taken a few of our family’s favorite stories and paired them up with a craft or a snack.

Books with Crafts

Kids Books with Crafts and Snacks to Inspire

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelman

Miss Clavel has 12 little girl orphans in her care.  When one falls ill she instructs the children to visit their friend in the hospital and bring her beautiful flowers to cheer her up.  This kind gesture teaches kids how to demonstrate compassion.  I’ve brought this classic and beautiful story to life by creating these easy and beautiful peonies.

Here’s what you need: tissue paper cut into squares: we made them large 10″by 10″.  We used light pink and dark pink and 8 sheets per flower.  You will also need 2 pipe cleaners per flower.  Start by stacking your tissue paper (dark on the bottom) neatly.  Then fold it accordion style in about 1 inch folds.  Then wrap the pipe cleaner around the middle keeping the light pick on the top.  Reinforce with the second pipe cleaner.  Now start to separate your “petals” one side of the pipe cleaner at a time.

Kids Books with Crafts and Snacks to Inspire

Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltberg

This book is so so so important in our house.  We have a budding artist on our hands, she get’s this kind of creative genius from her dad.  I couldn’t be any happier about that if I tried.  The trouble is she also get the OCD characteristic from me.  That’s a tricky combination.  She has a vision in her head and get’s upset if it doesn’t appear exactly that way on the page.  This book as all about creating your masterpiece from the imperfect.  What a good life lesson!  Turn that tear in the page into the mouth of a crocodile!

I haphazardly cut some construction, drew random markings with a sharpie, and dribbled paint here and there.  Then I gave these pieces of paper to my daughter and asked her what she saw.

Books with Snacks

Kids Books with Crafts and Snacks to Inspire

Ladybug Girl by David Soman

When we were gifted this book we instantly fell in love.  It’s about a little girl who is definitely NOT little.  We liked than the main character was named Lulu (we affectionally call our little one Lou which nevi table turns into LouLou), she is a girly tomboy, and she creates her own superhero called Ladybug Girl.  Using her imagination she finds empowerment by helping ants and skipping through a puddle in her backyard that Ladybug Girl is certain has sharks in it.  It’s about using your imagination and making your own path in life, even if it’s as simple as finding your own fun.


Along that same vein, I used my imagination to create a snack that looks suspiciously like a ladybug on a leaf.  All you do is slice a crusty loaf of bread in thin slices, spread with cream cheese, add a piece of spinach, and a half of a cherry tomato.  The fun part comes with added the dots to make that tomato a ladybug.  I used a sharp skewer dipped in balsamic.  A little time consuming, but the effect looks great!

Kids Books with Crafts and Snacks to Inspire

Just for You by Mercer Mayer

 Anyone with children can imagine a day where their children try their hardest, in their own ways, to do nice things just for mom and dad.  It’s sweet right?  Until there’s a mess or the little ones forget that they were going to do something nice.  That’s exactly the case in “Just for You”.


With this snack, set-up a sandwich station and ask your kids to make your family some lunch.  You may be surprised to see the pride spread across their faces at such an accomplishment.  They will know exactly what the little critter felt at the end of the book when he said, “And I did it!”.

I hope you enjoyed these kids books with crafts and snacks to inspire children.  What are you family’s favorite books?


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