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In addition to adding great content here, I also enjoy appearing on Good Day Sacramento and submitting article to various print magazines.  Here are a few things I’ve been doing off the blog on TV and in print.

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Kids Books with Crafts and Snacks to Inspire on Good Day Sacramento

March 16, 2015

Kids Books with Crafts and Snacks to Inspire

Kids Books with Crafts and Snacks to Inspire

Children love hearing stories and looking at pictures that bring the story to life.  It’s easy to enjoy a book as a young child when someone reads it to you.  It’s pure enjoyment.  As kids get older, it gets a little more difficult, especially when learning how to read doesn’t click instantly.  That’s why its important to show kids all the different ways we can inspire be inspired by books.  Far beyond the page and the written word.  Explaining the moral in every story not only models valuable life lessons, but shows kids that books are much more than just entertaining stories.

I shared a few ways to enjoy books other than just reading them.  I have taken a few of our family’s favorite stories and paired them up with a craft or a snack.

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Dollar Store Crafts on Good Day Sacramento

December 20, 2014

Header Collage

Today I was on Good Day Sacramento talking with Melissa Cabral about Dollar Store crafts.  She challenged me to create one of a kind gifts and decor from the Dollar Store that look like a million bucks.  I accepted the challenge and had a really fun time coming up with these seven projects.

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Friendsgiving Tips, Tricks, and Crafts

November 24, 2014

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I have to confess: that was the first time I’d ever hosted one.  And I LOVED it!  Most of all I loved how easy the menu was.  Do you remember that show “Semi-homemade with Sandra Lee”?  I used to be completely obsessed.  The show is all about mixing store-made items with some homemade stuff and showing different ways to jazz up store bought items leaving all kinds of time to add some special touches and a gorgeous tablescape.

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All About Soccer on Good Day Sacramento

September 22, 2014

Good Day Soccer Header


All about soccer snacks before, during, after the game, and for the coaches as well as a super fun team bench tutorial from my Good Day Sacramento spot.  Here’s the recap with tutorials, ideas, and DIY

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Back to School Lunches on Good Day Sacramento

August 4, 2014


School lunches…that typically brings up mixed feelings in most mamas.  It’s a chore that can be a bore…  But we all have to do it.  The super fun Melissa Cabral and I got together to show you how to make the lunch chore easier and to give you a few fun new things to try!  You can see part 1 of the segment here and part 2 here.

Road Trip Sanity with Melissa Cabral

Monday, June 9, 2014

This segment is all about how to keep your sanity while on a summer road trip with your family.  I’ll have of tips, tricks, and DIY projects to make your next road trip so smooth that you’ll hear, “Are we there yet?”, less and, “That was fun!”, more!


Read all the details for Road Trip Sanity Part 1 here.

See the video of Part 1of my Good Day Sacramento segment here.


Read all the details for Road Trip Sanity Part 2 here.

See the video for Part 2 of my Good Day Sacramento segment here!

Eye Brow Fun Cameo will Lori Wallace on Good Day Sacramento

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Eyebrow fun

I had tons of fun and learned a lot while I got to play “model” with Lori Wallace at Sparkle Nail Bar in Elk Grove.  In honor of Brook Shields birthday Jenn, owner of Jen Marie Makeup Artistry, was working her magic with my brows trying to make these blonde babies a little fuller ala Brooke.  You can see the video here.

Beat the Heat with the the kid-tourage on Good Day Sacramento

May 1st, 2014




This super fun segment was all about Beating the Heat with the little ones.  We made our own DIY snow, excavated dines from the ice age, and soooo much more!   You can see the post and video link here.

Mama Momtourage and the Rinos in Studio for Good Day Sacramento talking all about St. Patrick’s Day

Saturday, March 15, 2014




Here’s the link to the St. Patrick’s Day Desserts and Crafts video.

Mama Momtourage on Good Day Sacramento

February 12, 2014


Check out these Valentine’s Day tip videos from Good Day Sacramento: Part 1 and part 2.

Mama Momtourage on Good Day Sacramento

December 27, 2013


This segment is all about how to do a “quick change” from Christmas to birthday when you have a family member who’s birthday is right after Christmas.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Momtourage on Good Day Sacramento

December 18, 2013

12-19-2013 Mommy Meet-up

We did a great spot on crafting with wine corks and talked about the 1st Annual Momtourage GIVE Event.

Link to video

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