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Top Father’s Day Gifts 2015

Father’s Day is this Sunday!!!  Make sure you’ve got your sentimental gifts front he kiddos ready.  (This post has you covered.)  Today’s post is all about getting dad a well-deserved gift.  The problem with that?  It’s hard to know what dads really want.  I read a very illuminating and so so so true article from Time Magazine. You can read the whole thing here.  The author wants you to know “Dads don’t use the phrase ‘must-have’.”  Yep, this is true.  I’ve never heard my hubby or dad say that, expect maybe about something related to me and probably in a teasing manner.  The author goes on to say that Father’s Day gift Guides (or FDGG) are not always the best place to find the perfect gift for dad because he things that FDGG typically express this: “They want dads to be hipper, smell and look better, and generally be trendier and less clueless.”  He warns against buying things that correlate to dad’s favorite hobby: “Among the many don’ts are items relating to Dad’s hobbies (if he wanted it, he’d have it), almost any kind of clothing, and anything personalized (coasters, tools, grilling sets, etc.).”  Bottom line, if you know the dad, or maybe it’s your husband, that says he doesn’t want anything: “If you truly know your dad, you should know whether these are the kinds of things he’ll like or be annoyed or mystified by. And if he says he really doesn’t want you to buy him anything, maybe, just maybe, you should believe him.”

I had to laugh at the honesty of this article.  I think it’s actually pretty true.  But that doesn’t mean that dads don’t want to be taken care of, spoiled, or acknowledge for all the love and guidance they bring as our heroes and co-parenting VIPs.  Because I’m not the best gift giver, I always enlist the help of people far more adept than I.  That’s why I’ve scoured the web looking for the top Father’s Day gifts for you!  No, not for me.  Why? Because my hubby already bought himself his Father’s Day gifts.  LOL, LOL!  If that doesn’t say something about my gift giving ability (as well as speak to the points made in that Time article) I don’t know what does!

On that note, here are the top Father’s Day Gift Guide and my #1 picks:

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My dad


My dad, Bob, grew up in a small town in California you’ve never heard of called Lookout.  Almost everyone was/is related to everyone.  The town got it’s name from the settlers traveling the Oregon Trail because it sits atop a plateau, about 70 miles south of the Oregon border, with great, sprawling views.  Perfect for seeing when and if the indians were coming.  My Grandma Hope, his mom, still lives here.  There are also breathtaking views of Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta.  It has streets like “Gouger Neck” and is where I learned that when you cow tip, you need to do it around 4am because the rancher will be out around 5am and will be able to stand the cows up before they start to have a problem.


My dad is one of four boys.  He is the second oldest, although many could argue he is the oldest.  Growing up, we would travel here at least once a year.  It was always an interesting time.  My brother and I would run free on the three acres that my Grandma’s house sits on.  (The last house on B St.)  We learned how to shoot BB guns at tin cans and my Grandma taught us how to shoot at the wood peckers so that we didn’t hurt them, but scared them away from her roof.  There were always horses, cows, deer, and the occasional Mountain Lion.  The nearest store is the Red Barn, they serve a mean Fried Gizzard.

Eventually my dad’s family moved to Sacramento from Lookout.  He went to three high schools in four years, I guess he was a bit of a rebel rouser.  He was also an excellent athlete.  After graduating high school he went to Sacramento City College and served in the Navy during the Vietnam War.  He and my mom married.  He was working as a truck driver and worked his way up to management.  Before long he was being called to “clean out” terminals and restaff them so they could be more efficient.  That meant a lot of moving.  Eventually my parents made a forever home in the South Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento.


My dad has always been a big man with a full beard.  I think it intimidated a lot of people when I was growing up.  That was always so funny to me because he really is just a softie.  He has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met.  I remember having friends sleepover and he would sneak up on us and say, “What are you doing up?” in his meanest voice.  Then, show a huge smile and we would all laugh so hard.  He’s such a joker.  He loves history and can read a novel in about two hours.  He’s read more books than some libraries have on their shelves.

Growing up he ran a tight ship.  He was the disciplinarian of the household.  But he always had us laughing.  He took me fishing, hunting, and stargazing.  He was a coach to many of my brother and I’s sports teams.  He was at every millstone we had.  He hated all the clothes I wore from about 7th grade on.  I would come out in my Homecoming dress/Prom dress/Saturday night attire and he would ask me where the rest of it was.  Something he would ask many times.


Father/Daughter Dance 1997

 He’s a music lover.  He loves almost all kinds of music, but never ever rap.  No, that’s not music.  He introduced me to Cochran, Cash, Haggard, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, David Allan Coe, and Kristofferson when I was very little.  Starting my deep love for country music.  He’s a huge animal lover.  My mom always says, “If he sees an elephant on the side of the road he will bring it home.”.  I remember coming home from gymnastics one night to find a new Weimaraner waiting for me at the front door.  Or when I came home from college and found that they had adopted a 13 yo, fully blind Golden Retriever named Buddy.  While poor Buddy was running into walls my dad would say, “But no one else would take him.”.  I bet those were the best days of Buddy’s life.


Hood to Coast Team Driver 2011

This is where you can find my dad most often, behind the wheel.  He hasn’t driven a truck in a while, but he’s still everyone’s driver du jour.  He’s the man I call when I need directions.  Seriously, I can be in the middle of nowhere, describe my surroundings, and he will get me where I need to go.  It happens a lot more than you think.  Thankfully dad is always there to help, he always answers the phone.

Picture 138

He walked me down the aisle when I got married.  During the days leading up to the wedding, he was nervous because he walks with a cane and kept telling me that we would have to go slow.  I told him it was OK because I’ll want to take my time getting down the very very long aisle, but he didn’t believe me until the moment came.  He could tell I was super nervous.  He said, “Hey, if you change your mind I’ve got my car parked right out front.  We could be outta here so fast!”.  It made me laugh and relax a bit.

Picture 238

Because of his love for music, I asked him to choose the song we danced to for the Father/Daughter dance.  I thought for sure he would choose an old country song, instead he chose Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t she lovely”.  He was whispering in my ear that he was very proud of me and that he thought Nick was a really great guy.  Until Nick, he never thought anyone was good enough for me.  Like a good dad should.


He loves traveling, but after traveling extensively abroad during his time in the service, he’s stayed close to the west coast.  We were lucky to go to Maui in 2010 with my parents, Hope, and Nick’s parents and sister (not pictured).  Nick and I were renewing our vows for our five year anniversary and we announced we were expecting little Brady.  My dad was so excited to hear the news that his entire side of the family knew about it within five minutes.  Another fun thing is that my dad loves to rent houses in vacation locales.  He’s always trying to get everyone together under one roof.  It always makes for pretty special memories.  I feel very lucky to have had all the experiences I’ve had.


Dad and Brady in Tahoe 2011

But what he loves most is his family.  He’s there for everyone all the time.  Brothers, aunts, cousins, and parents.  He will drop everything to help someone no matter what.  He has been a father to six kids.  He especially loves the baby stage.  Here he is holding his only grandson, my little Brady.

My dad taught me what it means to be a man.  Through his example I’ve learned that respect and love are the true markers of a man.  He’s always given our family everything we need, and always tries to give us everything we’ve wanted.  Even when it hasn’t been easy.  He’s taught me that friends may come and go, but family is forever.  He’s been my biggest supporter, the first one to tell me that something is not a good idea, and tells me never to settle.  He’s an amazing dad and Grandpa to my kids.  I draw on my experiences with him often as a parent.  I find myself saying “Bobisms” to my own kids.  I feel very lucky to have him as my dad and as my friend now.  Thanks for teaching me what unconditional love really means, dad.



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Meet Nick



Photo credit: Sean Malone Photography

I have been so lucky to have such wonderful men in my life.  It started with my dad and my brother, and continued with Nick and his father.  Nick and I met after we had both moved to the Sacramento area after college.  It wasn’t love at first meet.  But after a long night celebrating a friend who had just completed her first trimester of law school, I ran into him.  I asked him to ride with me to take a male stripper home.  He said yes, and we spent the entire night talking.  Seriously, it’s true.  Just talking.  The rest is history.


This handsome little guy and his sister were raised in Folsom by two loving parents and only went away to attend college at UCD.

Picture 225

We met and married in 2005.


He adopted this little ball of fur.  He had no choice.  She was my baby.


After trying for a few months, we were blessed with this little angel.  This was the biggest change in his entire life.  He started to focus on his health.  We all spent more time at home.  And I saw him turn into a doting, worried, proud papa.  Right before my eyes.


Nick has always loved kids.  He was so great with his cousin’s kids and my nieces.  But I never could have predicted how “hands on” he would be as a father.


Then came Brady.  Another little one to love.  And this time it was a boy.  Our little man.


See, isn’t that adorable.  He’s wearing one and holding onto another.  I love it.


Photo credit: Sean Malone Photography

Having a little man and a little lady has shown me parts of husband I never saw before.  He has so much compassion, empathy, and love for our kids.  He truly is an amazing partner, husband, and dad.  He really loves being with them.  He’s the kinda dad that never wants to miss anything.  He gets down on the floor and plays with them.  He takes them outside to kick or throw a ball around.  He loves the look on their faces when he gets to show them new things.


But let’s not forget that he’s human.  He will teach our kids to do things that will freak me out.


And make me cringe.


A little gambling here and there.


All that just makes him more fun.  And that makes them and me love him even more everyday.


This is a picture of Nick putting up the balloons last night.  This is just another reason why I love him so.  He goes along with all my hair-brained schemes.  He’s artistic, smart, creative, loving, and the best partner and father a girl could ask for.  Happy Father’s Day handsome.  I love you.

Meet Nick…

Hello Ladies and Gents.  I have been the other half (certainly not the better half) of Mama Momtourage for almost 9 years.  She has asked me to do the Five for Friday because there is some kind of special day for men this weekend. So here it goes…the uncomfortable task of talking about myself.   I am 35 years young.  Yeah 35…the age you needed to look to avoid being carded when buying booze.  Unfortunately, I’m lucky to not get carded anymore.  Let’s see, when I am not with the Mama Momtourage Posse (aka my family), I work in the pharmaceutical industry and coach crossfit a few mornings a week at Folsom City CrossFit.  As most of you know we have two beautiful children, Lyla and Brady, who truly are the lights of my life.  In fact, Brady is turning 3 today.  Happy Birthyday buddy!  I’m looking forward to spending his special day doing lots of fun things.

Currently Coveting


I am in need of a serious vacation.  My reserves are running low from the daily grind.  I’ll get some days off soon, but it won’t be as grandiose of a trip that I would really like to take.  The trip I think about a lot is a trip to Italy.  I have heard my wife speak so fondly of the month she spent there and I think that it would be so fun to spend time with her there.  I am a history junkie and there is an abundance of culture and history there.  Although I have traveled domestically a lot for work and been to several places in Mexico and Canada, I have yet to travel across the pond to see Europe.  I can’t think of a more special place I would like to go with Amanda than Italy.  Of course, by the time we go, our kids will likely be old enough to go too…which wouldn’t be so bad…Can you say European Vacation Pt. 2??

I really love…


Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0 $119.99

My Reebok Crossfit Nano 2.0/3.0s.  No surprise here.  Crossfit is a big part of my life.  I love these shoes.  I have had every edition of these shoes.  Truly catered to Crossfit as they suitable for all aspects of fitness (maybe not running).  No matter what type of fitness you like or prefer a good pair of shoes is key.  If your feet hurt it just sucks the motivation out of your body to get up and be active.  Runners particularly understand this but it really is true.

Guilty Pleasure…

Movie Collage

Kids Movies.  I think that I like them as much as my children.  I enjoy taking the kids to the latest kids flick on opening weekend.


If its a sequel, I like to build the excitement for upcoming release by doing movie nights at home with the first movie. And then there’s those damn catchy Disney ballads.  I have a terrible voice.  Believe me, these pipes were not made for public.  That being said I like to elicit some funny faces from my children as I belt out some ballads from popular favorites like Frozen and Tangled.  I may not get all the words right either.  Amanda loves to point out every time I butcher lyrics in a song.  She humors me though.  Sometimes I feel like she is going to smile and pat me on the head and say, “Kids, your Daddy is special…”.

Fave beauty item:


I’m not sure its a beauty item, however, it is a grooming item.  I am speaking of my beard trimmer that is used to clean up beards, sideburns etc. Look, I have some obsessive compulsive tendencies.  For instance I am artistic and when I draw, no matter how far into it I am, if something is not straight or symmetrical I will crumple it up and start over.  But back to the beard trimmer.  I tend to like to keep things clean and straight. Amanda can share several stories about my obsession of keeping my sideburns (or any facial hair clean) straight and clean.  Yeah I just have to own this.  No defense…damn OCD

Recent mommy moment…


Here’s the thing…I’m not really sure that I know what a “mommy moment” is but I do know that when I have a both kids without the wife’s supervision its damn circus.  In actuality, when I have ne of my kids without wife supervision its a damn circus.   For instance, my son and I were spending a Sunday together and he had a stinky situation occur at a park. No big deal.  I have long been desensitized to the smell/look/feel of a poopy diaper.  I thought about letting him just continue to play with the dirty diaper.  I mean he wouldn’t be the first kid, but I couldn’t do that to the other kids.  It was BAD.  He and I walk in to the men’s room of the park and I put him on a sketchy changing table.  The plastic was cold so he was freaking out.  While I was attempting use 50 wipes to clean this boy’s butt up, he kicked the diaper which was still completely open off the changing table.  Instinctively, I reached down and caught it.  Yes, my reflexes are still swift.  Unfortunately, I caught it face down.  My right hand not only caught the diaper, but all of its wonderful contents.  Most would have think that this would be a catastrophe and that I would be dry-heaving at this point.  Oh no, not anymore.  Like I said, desensitized…I simply dumped it all into the garbage can and washed my hand with another 50 baby wipes and some hand sanitizer.  This is what life has become.  I’m not going to lie.  I may have exposed my son to 1-2 foul words underneath my breath when I realized what I had just done.  Don’t think less of me…I did catch a handful of poop.


Haha!  Priceless “Mommy Moment” babe!  Thanks for all that you do and for all that you are.  We love you!  You make our life full!

Have a great weekend!  And happy father’s day to all the dads out there.  Be sure to spoil the men in your life.  You can still get one of these gifts, or make one of these.


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Father’s Day Craft Ideas


With Father’s Day just a few days away, it’s time to think about a thoughtful craft you can make for Dads or Grandpas.  Dads may not show it very often, but they really enjoy a sentimental, handmade gift from their little ones.  I’ve even seen my own husband tear up a bit at some of the stuff our daughter has made for him.  Today’s round-up of pins is geared towards making Dads and Grandpas feel the love from their biggest fans.  You can follow my Father’s Day board here, and find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!



Father’s Day Note to Daddy

I love to quiz my kids about their dad.  The answers change from year to year and are always hilarious.  I compiled a long list of questions and ask them the same ones every year.  I keep the running list in a file and add to it every year.  My hubby and I really get a kick out of how the answers change from year to year.  You should totally start this new tradition this year!  It’s free and adorable.


Father’s Day Questionnaire and Free Printable via The Crafting Chicks

The quizzes aren’t just for dads.  It’s fun for the grandfathers too!



Father’s Day Ideas via Bits of Everything

The kids and I did something like this last year.  It was pretty cute and the kids really liked glueing the candies on.  I totally remember doing this for my friend’s birthdays when I was growing up.  It’s a classic!


Father’s Day DIY via House Hunt

So cute and so easy!  This is perfect for a desk.  LOVE it!


Father’s Day Photo Collage Via Positively Splendid

 This is similar to the quiz idea, but I really like that it’s so visual and to the point.  It’s totally adorable!


Father’s Day Tree

 I love this for a grandparent.  Use all the grandkids handprints for the leaves.  Very special!


“I love you this much” card via A Day in My Life

This is perfect for grandparents that live far.  You can mail hug!  Just make sure the stretch in the middle is the same distance as your kids arm span.  Adorable!

golf balls

Decorating Golf Balls via Laughing Kids Learn

 Great idea for little ones!  So cute and so thoughtful.


Funny Spatula Father’s Day Gift Idea via Sassy Dealz

 One of the dads from yesterday mentioned he wanted a new BBQ tool set to go with his new BBQ.  This tag MUST be attached to the flipper.  Hilarious!


If you need more inspo you can follow my Father’s Day board here, and find all my boards and pins here.  You can also check out my Father’s Day Gift Guide: By dads for dads from yesterday if you still need to find that perfect gift.


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Father’s Day Gift Guide from Dads

collageDads are really the best!  To their kids they are their heroes, the stongest man alive, and someone who can do and fix anything.  To their counterparts, they are our teammate, our VIP, the voice of reason, our rock when things get tough.  For all that they do and all they are, they really deserve a thoughtful gift that has them in mind on Father’s Day.  Remember Mother’s Day, didn’t they treat you well?  No, well show them how it’s done this Sunday!  If they did give you the royal treatment, it’s time to return the favor.
Today I am featuring gift picked by dads.  I asked a few dads to tell me what dads really want.  Here’s what they had to say.
Damon is a dedicated father to two of the best little guys around.  He travels internationally for work, has a love for cars – especially Ferraris, and is a die-hard Giants fan.  He took the time to spell out exactly what he thinks dads deserve.
Does your hubby think he is the best driver in the world?   Let him learn how to really drive your own family “race” car, race prepped go-kart or a purpose built race car at Sonoma Raceway. With packages ranging from $295 – $5,995, you can be sure to find something that will have Dad very excited for his “race day!”
Full Day Weekend Rate $295
How many times have we driven by the lake and wished we were out there?  The big SUV with wave runners in tow make you jealous?  We really don’t want to own these ourselves and with bicycles, strollers and sports equipment taking up our garage space, who really has room to own wave runners?  Well, for one day, Dad can zoom around Folsom Lake and act like a kid again.  Rent a wave runner from Granite Bay Personal Water Craft and let Dad and his friends own Folsom Lake.  A great idea for getting a group of Dad’s together.
Hunter Pence signed bat $340.95
Who is Dad’s favorite sports team?  Is there a player that he so desperately wants to do well he can’t even look at the game?  If so, treat Dad with an authentic signed piece of memorabilia.  A bat, a football, a pair game used shoes, any kind of ball, something that ties Dad to his favorite player is forever going to be treasured.
Gift Card to SUD’s in El Dorado Hills or Folsom Glen Car Wash.  Dad is always busy and he use to always keep his the cars spotless.  Instead of him getting the hose and bucket, get him a gift card for a full service wash and even better yet, take the kids, get Dads car washed and let him kick up his feet and relax.  Prices range from $39 – $300.
Can I have some back rubs?  How many mom’s hear this all the time?  If you want the easy route out, but sure to please Dad, get him a 80-minute massage (not a 50-minute quickie). NO, not the massage parlor on Glenn Dr, but a nice reputable place close to home.   For an hour and a half, Dad gets to listen to soothing music he would never play on his own, get the much needed and desired attention to his aching muscles and it’s a one-stop-shop for Mom.  You can never go wrong with getting Dad a massage.  To give Dad the best, check out Arden Hills.
Home Depot or Lowe’s Gift Card.  There are SOOOOOO many things that Dad’s look at and wish they could get.  Unfortunately, diapers, school, sports, food, you name it, take priority over that new power tool or BBQ that Dad would really like to buy.  Encourage your hubby to get something for himself by springing for a gift card to Home Depot, Lowes or speciality back-yard store.
Men have bought their significant others handbags, shoes and accessories for years.  Sometimes, its nice to get something like this in return that Dad would never buy for himself.  A business card holder, a pair of stylish wing-tips (yes, they are cool again),a new smart phone wallet, or even nice BOSE or Beats headphones are all things Dad wishes he had.  The nice part about these personal touch items are that every time your hubby uses them, he will remember his family giving this special item to him on Dad’s day 2014.
Sean is an amazing photographer living in the Bay area.  He has three children and loves all things tech related.  Here are his top Father’s Day picks.
GoPro Camera prices range from $199-$399
MacBook Air prices start at $899
Sport Watch G-Shock GA110BC $130
2 Tickets to a Giants Game to take a friend
Hats are always good for the bald dad
(OK, so he didn’t actually pick this hat, but I thought it was pretty funny.)
J Fold Wallet $59.50
Ray-Ban Pilot Polarized Aviator Sunglasses $200
ful. Brooklyn laptop backpack $99.99
Apple download card
Nick has two adorable little ones and just revamped his backyard and added a brand new BBQ.  He only has one thing on his list this year.
Williams-Sonoma Folding BBQ set $34.96
Hector has two kiddos and said, “My favorite recent gift was a straight razor.  I had always wanted one but was nervous.  Shaving with a straight razor is now a fun ritual that makes me feel like a ‘Big Boy’!”.
Black 5/8″ Blade Straight Razor $150
Special thanks to all the dads that added to our gift ideas.  I truly appreciate you giving us some insight into what dads really want.  Special thanks to Damon for all the additional detailed info.  You rock!


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