My dad


My dad, Bob, grew up in a small town in California you’ve never heard of called Lookout.  Almost everyone was/is related to everyone.  The town got it’s name from the settlers traveling the Oregon Trail because it sits atop a plateau, about 70 miles south of the Oregon border, with great, sprawling views.  Perfect for seeing when and if the indians were coming.  My Grandma Hope, his mom, still lives here.  There are also breathtaking views of Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta.  It has streets like “Gouger Neck” and is where I learned that when you cow tip, you need to do it around 4am because the rancher will be out around 5am and will be able to stand the cows up before they start to have a problem.


My dad is one of four boys.  He is the second oldest, although many could argue he is the oldest.  Growing up, we would travel here at least once a year.  It was always an interesting time.  My brother and I would run free on the three acres that my Grandma’s house sits on.  (The last house on B St.)  We learned how to shoot BB guns at tin cans and my Grandma taught us how to shoot at the wood peckers so that we didn’t hurt them, but scared them away from her roof.  There were always horses, cows, deer, and the occasional Mountain Lion.  The nearest store is the Red Barn, they serve a mean Fried Gizzard.

Eventually my dad’s family moved to Sacramento from Lookout.  He went to three high schools in four years, I guess he was a bit of a rebel rouser.  He was also an excellent athlete.  After graduating high school he went to Sacramento City College and served in the Navy during the Vietnam War.  He and my mom married.  He was working as a truck driver and worked his way up to management.  Before long he was being called to “clean out” terminals and restaff them so they could be more efficient.  That meant a lot of moving.  Eventually my parents made a forever home in the South Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento.


My dad has always been a big man with a full beard.  I think it intimidated a lot of people when I was growing up.  That was always so funny to me because he really is just a softie.  He has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met.  I remember having friends sleepover and he would sneak up on us and say, “What are you doing up?” in his meanest voice.  Then, show a huge smile and we would all laugh so hard.  He’s such a joker.  He loves history and can read a novel in about two hours.  He’s read more books than some libraries have on their shelves.

Growing up he ran a tight ship.  He was the disciplinarian of the household.  But he always had us laughing.  He took me fishing, hunting, and stargazing.  He was a coach to many of my brother and I’s sports teams.  He was at every millstone we had.  He hated all the clothes I wore from about 7th grade on.  I would come out in my Homecoming dress/Prom dress/Saturday night attire and he would ask me where the rest of it was.  Something he would ask many times.


Father/Daughter Dance 1997

 He’s a music lover.  He loves almost all kinds of music, but never ever rap.  No, that’s not music.  He introduced me to Cochran, Cash, Haggard, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, David Allan Coe, and Kristofferson when I was very little.  Starting my deep love for country music.  He’s a huge animal lover.  My mom always says, “If he sees an elephant on the side of the road he will bring it home.”.  I remember coming home from gymnastics one night to find a new Weimaraner waiting for me at the front door.  Or when I came home from college and found that they had adopted a 13 yo, fully blind Golden Retriever named Buddy.  While poor Buddy was running into walls my dad would say, “But no one else would take him.”.  I bet those were the best days of Buddy’s life.


Hood to Coast Team Driver 2011

This is where you can find my dad most often, behind the wheel.  He hasn’t driven a truck in a while, but he’s still everyone’s driver du jour.  He’s the man I call when I need directions.  Seriously, I can be in the middle of nowhere, describe my surroundings, and he will get me where I need to go.  It happens a lot more than you think.  Thankfully dad is always there to help, he always answers the phone.

Picture 138

He walked me down the aisle when I got married.  During the days leading up to the wedding, he was nervous because he walks with a cane and kept telling me that we would have to go slow.  I told him it was OK because I’ll want to take my time getting down the very very long aisle, but he didn’t believe me until the moment came.  He could tell I was super nervous.  He said, “Hey, if you change your mind I’ve got my car parked right out front.  We could be outta here so fast!”.  It made me laugh and relax a bit.

Picture 238

Because of his love for music, I asked him to choose the song we danced to for the Father/Daughter dance.  I thought for sure he would choose an old country song, instead he chose Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t she lovely”.  He was whispering in my ear that he was very proud of me and that he thought Nick was a really great guy.  Until Nick, he never thought anyone was good enough for me.  Like a good dad should.


He loves traveling, but after traveling extensively abroad during his time in the service, he’s stayed close to the west coast.  We were lucky to go to Maui in 2010 with my parents, Hope, and Nick’s parents and sister (not pictured).  Nick and I were renewing our vows for our five year anniversary and we announced we were expecting little Brady.  My dad was so excited to hear the news that his entire side of the family knew about it within five minutes.  Another fun thing is that my dad loves to rent houses in vacation locales.  He’s always trying to get everyone together under one roof.  It always makes for pretty special memories.  I feel very lucky to have had all the experiences I’ve had.


Dad and Brady in Tahoe 2011

But what he loves most is his family.  He’s there for everyone all the time.  Brothers, aunts, cousins, and parents.  He will drop everything to help someone no matter what.  He has been a father to six kids.  He especially loves the baby stage.  Here he is holding his only grandson, my little Brady.

My dad taught me what it means to be a man.  Through his example I’ve learned that respect and love are the true markers of a man.  He’s always given our family everything we need, and always tries to give us everything we’ve wanted.  Even when it hasn’t been easy.  He’s taught me that friends may come and go, but family is forever.  He’s been my biggest supporter, the first one to tell me that something is not a good idea, and tells me never to settle.  He’s an amazing dad and Grandpa to my kids.  I draw on my experiences with him often as a parent.  I find myself saying “Bobisms” to my own kids.  I feel very lucky to have him as my dad and as my friend now.  Thanks for teaching me what unconditional love really means, dad.



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Go Shopping

Hey mamas,

Last Friday I found myself in Sacramento with some time on my hands.  I know, that never happens!  Well, I had brunch with some lovely ladies, including the fabulous Dee O Knows Style then Dee and I hit up some Sacramento boutiques.  She had never been to any of these stores before and she loved it!  You should totally check out her blog post all about her favorite items.

Here are the places we stopped at and some things I love from each store.  These pictures are from each of their Facebook pages.  If you like what you see, you should like them on Facebook because they are always updating their pages with new stuff.  You can comment on the pics and get info like pricing and sizing available.  Most let you hold them via FB too.

Krazy Mary’s 3230 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95816

KM 1

Dress $64, Local handmade belt $77

KM 2

Shirt $42

KM 3

Emroidered Blouse $42

KM 4

100% silk dress $96, Earring made by local artist $48

It needs to be knows, I am UH-Bsessed with this dress.  It will be mine.  It’s fabulous!

Violet Muse 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95864

VM 1

Top $54, Pencil Skirt $62

VM 2

The best belt ever! $29

VM 3

Dress $79

LOVE this dress!  I truly wish I had somewhere to wear it!

Madam Butterfly 500 Pavilions Ln, Sacramento, CA 95825

madamB 1

Tanks $30, Flouncy shorts $48, Bralette $46

OK, so the words on this shirt don’t exactly describe my lifestyle these days, but it’s so soft and so adorable!  Perfect for lounging or sleeping….and it’s definitely an homage to my college days.

madamB 2

MB has some fabulous jewelry!

madamB 3

Adorable spring pieces.

Sugar Shack 2425 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816

Sugar Shack 1

Necklace, floral bralette, belt, and lacy shorts.  Perfect for spring!

Sugar Shack 2

A super HOT romper for fun summer nights!

Identity Boutique 2066 J Street, Midtown Sacramento, CA 95816

identity 1


These dresses are just darling!

identity 2

Dee loved this jacket too.  Such a great early spring outfit.

Hop you all enjoyed this little tour of some Sacramento gems!  Most of these places are happy to ship anywhere.  So if you like something you saw…don’t be shy!  Order it.  The best part about shopping boutiques is that you typically don’t run into anyone wearing the same thing as you.  Plus, most boutiques treat you so well, they LOVE their customers!


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Vintage Shopping

First and foremost: Happy birthday mom!  I love you!  XOXO

Because I know I got my love for the antiques from you, this post is for you.

It’s no secret that I love vintage and antique pieces.  Whenever I show you pictures of my home decor many items start with “vintage” or “antique”.  Today I am sharing some of the places I’ve been visiting to pick up these gems.  I have an “antique-ing” buddy, Kindra, and we go about every other month or so.  Many of these places don’t have FB pages or websites.  But if I could find one, I listed it.  Here are a few of our favorites so far.

Old Fair Oaks

There are tons of places in Old Fair Oaks.  You could make a day of shopping just in this area.  Plus there are a few cafes and you’ll always see the most adorable chickens running all around.  (They have a chicken festival in the fall complete with a chicken parade.  It’s kinda their thing.)

Bungalow Vintage Living – 10139 Fair Oaks Blvd Fair Oaks, CA 95628 (Facebook)

Pricey, but definitely worth browsing.  Super adorable and unique displays.

Bleu (Just next door to Bungalow)

We loved this place!  They had lots of really cute stuff at great prices.

Blue Eagle Antiques – 10201 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

I love this place!  I bought my vintage sled from Christmas here.


And my “rhinestone Rhino”.  I’m aways buying rhino stiff.  (Rineharts = Rinos)


57th Street Antique Mall – 875 57th St, Sacramento, CA 95819

This place used to be completely full with tenants, but when we went there last month, there were quit a few empty spots.  On one side of the shopping area, there are little stores and on the other there is a warehouse with a ton of antique dealers.  Here are a few of the things we saw.



These arrows were so cool!  They were pretty big and came in some fun colors and cool patinas.


Kindra thought this vintage case would make an interesting side table.


They had tons of cool and colorful crates.


These metal crates were interlocking.  Kindra thought these would make for great shelves and add a cool industrial touch to any room.


Kindra picked up this wheel barrow at The Ruralist (855 57th St. Sacramento, CA 95819) and bought the vintage edition of Peter Rabbit from the warehouse across the street.

The combination will make for an adorable addition to her Easter and Spring decor.


There was also this phone.  Hmmm….should we take it home?

The Summer Porch – 3254 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816 (website)

Loved this place!  They had tons of garden stuff and a ton of seasonal items.  I bought that large metal heart for Vday here.


Shabby Shack – 3655 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816

This is walking distance from the Summer Porch.  It had tons of cute things, but it was really cluttered.  Kindra told me to buy these vintage skates.  I am so glad I did, and they look so cute on top of the toy storage.


Land Park

Parkside Pharmacy – 4404 Del Rio Rd, Sacramento, CA 95822 (website)


So this is not an antique shop, but whenever I’m in any kinda proximity to this place I have to stop!  I was just there yesterday.  They have the most adorable stuff.  I love their jewelry (super cheap) and gift items.  Plus they have a ton of adorable home items.  We picked this little book up as a birthday gift from there.  It was scarily accurate.


Elk Grove

The Red Door Antiques 9056 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95624 (website)

Wow, I loved this place.  It’s really the only shop in Elk Grove that we really like.  But it’s totally worth it.  Ridiculously adorable.  My mom went there and picked up a vintage sled for her house at Christmas too.


I could have bought a thousand items here, but it was the first stop of the day so I walked away with this adorable little dish.  (It’s footed.)


Old Folsom

There are a ton of vintage and antique places to browse in.  But my favorite is Gracefully Vintage.  Next Antique post I swear I’ll share some of the other places.

Gracefully Vintage – 611 Sutter St, Historic Folsom, CA 95630 (website)


It’s and adorable shop located just across from Chicago Fire on Sutter Street.


I bought this super cute metal heart there for Vday.


I also picked up this cool wooden box with metal top for shelf storage.  It used to hold ammunition.


This stack of old books without covers all tied up in twine adds fun texture and height to my bookshelves.

When you go antique shopping, you need to be looking for interesting or different pieces.  Try to think out of the box.  Or just bring an out of the box thinker with you like I did.  If an item you are interested in is going to be functional, make sure that nothing is broken or too weathered.  If it’s not functional, just decorative, then it doesn’t matter as long as you like the look of the item, but you could it’s use it’s state of disrepair as a reason to ask for a lower price (although sometimes that’s the reason they are a bit more pricey).  Most places will let you barter on the price, but some are staunch on the marked price.  It never hurts to ask!  Always ask questions about what you are buying or thinking of buying.  Sometimes the history or original purpose adds to the charm and interest.  Allow for plenty of time for your shopping trip.  These places are almost always layered with tons and tons of items, it takes a lot of time to make sure you see everything!  Also, ask the shop owner, or employee about the store and the area.  They can tell you if there are multiple dealers in their space and if they get stuff in pretty regularly on a certain day.  If it’s on a certain day, try to go on that day the next time.  Also ask about other vintage shops in the area.  Small businesses love to help other small businesses.  Another thing to ask about is whether or not they teach classes.  Some of these places teach classes about refinishing furniture.  They are typically inexpensive and you almost always walk about with something.  (Some painting classes let you bring a small item of your own to plain during the class.)  But always, always spread the word about your favorite places.  These are small businesses and could always use the word of mouth advertising to keep them in business.

In that spirit, please tell me if you have a favorite vintage or antique shop you love.  Leave it’s name and location in the comments!


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