Chicken Ranch Wraps

CHicken Ranch Wraps

Well Hello again, Mama Momtourage readers! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. In case you didn’t catch last Monday’s Post my name is Megan and last year I started a Facebook page, Crocktober.  (Don’t forget to “like” her page for daily updates!) I have been going crazy with my crock pot and I am here to share with you my favorite recipe from the past week.

Hands down best recipe of the week was……Chicken Ranch Wraps

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Crocktober Pinsperation

On Monday I told you guys about Crocktober, and showed a little of my fall decor.  Did you like my girl Megan’s Crocktober FB page yet?  If not, you totally should!  She already shared one recipe and there will be another tomorrow and everyday this month.  I love it!  Yesterday I shared a picture of my crockpot lunch on Instagram and everyone wanted the recipe.  Crocktober is in full effect!

Today’s Pinsperation is all about the crockpot.  If you don’t have one yet, get one!  For more inspiration follow my Crocktober Pinterest Board here, my Culinary Inspiration Board has other great recipes, and you can find all my boards and pins here.


 Mama Momtourage’s Spicy Thai Soup (tastes very similar to La Bou’s)

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