Easter Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner Ideas

Easter Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner Ideas

Easter Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, today I’ve got a round-up of the best Easter brunch, lunch, and dinner ideas to make your family’s day extra special.  They are broken up in to types to make finding the perfect dish easier.  If you are stressed out and need to laugh read this.  If Easter Baskets are tripping you up read this.  If decor is causing you some drama read this.  You can find these pins and many more on my Easter Pinterest Board.

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Totally Different Easter Basket Ideas

Totally Different Easter Basket Ideas

Totally Different Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is GDFR (going down for real) a week from this Sunday!  It’s time to get our bunny tails in gear.  Here’s a round-up of the most pin-worthy Easter Basket Ideas that are NOT SUGAR related.  Instead, I’ve found some really interesting basket filling ideas that won’t lead to a sugar rush and crash.  In fact, some of these ideas just might leave you with a minute or two all to yourself to, you know, go to the bathroom by yourself or something.

For more inspiration check out my Easter board on Pinterest here and you can follow me and see all my boards here.  And, check out my Easter Basket Tips and Tricks post to see how we do things in our house.

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Happy Easter



I hope you all had a fun Easter!  We had a busy day of family, food, and fun!  Here’s a little peak into what we did over the weekend.



Brady showed us how 2 year-old boys dye Easter eggs.


Getting ready for the Easter egg hunt!


Patiently waiting.


Almost time.


Picture with the Easter Bunny.


Then we all changed into swimsuits, including the Easter Bunny.


And had a blast at the Aqua Egg Hunt!


They dyed the kiddie pool pink and the main pool purple.


We came home to a family movie night.  We watched “Walking with Dinosaurs”.  The kids both really loved it!  I was so afraid that they would have nightmares or that Brady (all dinos #1 fan) would not like them after watching the movie, but he loved it and still loves dinos!


The Easter Bunny worked so hard hiding the baskets he had to use our toilet.  This led to a very serious question…


On Easter, we were back hunting all the eggs we dyed.


Several times over…


Next, we needed to cool off with a swim.


And some pool hijinks.


More egg hunting at Mimi and Poppie’s house.


Lou was so proud of her egg hiding abilities.  She really stumped the adults!

It was a great weekend with family and friends.  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  Thanks to each and every one of you for making this holiday so special.

I hope to see you all had a wonderful weekend!


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Easter Baskets tips and tricks

Hey mamas,

Easter is this Sunday, are you ready?  I’m getting close, I just have a few more things to gather up and I’ll be good to go.  We will be dyeing eggs in the next few days.  So much fun!  Today I’m sharing some things I’ve done in the past.  You can find these tips and other fun tips by following all my Pinterst boards here or just follow my Easter board to find more Easter inspiration.

First, what to put in those baskets?  I like to do a mix of candy, gifts, and activities.


Lyla 3: candy, stickers, bunny ears, crayons, a plant to plant, and bubbles.


Brady almost 10 months: stickers, bubbles, and eggs filled with puffs and yogurt drops.


Lyla 4 and Brady 21 months


We like to tie a piece of ribbon to their doors and the other end to their baskets then they to have to follow it to find their baskets.  You can make it as crazy to follow as their ages allow.  Last year we had Lyla go outside, come back in, go out front, come back in.  You get the idea.  It makes the hunt pretty fun.


Here is Lyla hunting for her basket when she was just 3 years old.


When it comes to dyeing eggs with little hands, it can be really messy.  Using a whisk to help stabilize the egg really helps!  After she dipped the egg in the dye, she set it on the sieve placed over a bowl to dry a bit before being placed into the add drying rack that came with the egg dye kit.  This made it so much easier for her to work with the eggs.  And there was so much less mess for me!

Have a great day!



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Inspiring Easter Decor

Hey mamas!
Today I have a special treat for you!  Kindra is showing us how she styles her fabulous home at Easter.  Kindra is no stranger to this blog.  You can see her seasonal decor and other visits to this blog here.  She has a beautiful arrangement of Easter decor.  I’m sure you will get tons of ideas!
Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my home at Springtime! Easter is in my top 3 favorite holidays. My mom always went all out for it when I was little. I dyed Easter eggs and she hid them for me through college. I remember the first Easter Paul and I spent together. We arrived at my parents and my mom was giddy with excitement about the egg hunt. He said, “You really still dye and hunt Easter eggs?” I said,” Yep, welcome to the family.”
This year I bought a couple fun new Spring items while treasure hunting with Amanda. First up, the fabulous vintage wheelbarrow. I had to have it! I filled it with pastel and paper mache eggs from Michaels and displayed it on my island with a bucket of flowers and a cute bunny I picked up at Home Goods.
A few touches of burlap because I can’t celebrate a holiday without it and Voila! A masterpiece.
Also in my kitchen I have a few display areas that I love to incorporate a little holiday cheer.
I picked up these super cute “Crunch” carrot plates at Home Goods this season and added a few egg cups and a chocolate bunny for the finishing touch to my vintage scale.
On our kitchen table, my standard tray with the usual tarnished silver pieces. I love the keep this the same and change out the little details for each holiday as well. Here I added a mini basket and nests I picked up at Cost Plus.
In the living room I have this darling table I picked up at my favorite vintage store and it makes the perfect display area for holiday items.
I found this carrot garland at Rod Works this year and the bunny came from a nursery out of town.
I found coordinating vegetables made from natural elements at Cost Plus this year and thought they were perfect in the old grain scooper.
On my coffee table I keep the standard crate and change it out for the seasons as well. I added some fun carrots I picked up at Raley’s this year and a potted mini daffodil from TJ’s. A new friend gave me the adorable bunny dish with the most amazing pastel Jordan Almonds from William Sonoma. They are seriously delish!
On my side table, another chocolate bunny and silver bowl of eggs.
(Sometimes while laying on the couch at night I think about reaching over and eating the ears off the bunny just to see how long before anyone notices…lol)
Our entry way wlecomes our guests with a darling pennant banner I picked up at Target this year. On one side I have an old crate with vintage books, a 1950’s copy of Peter Rabbit and a moss covered carrot my mom gave me years ago.
On top are three dairy bottles of daffodils. TJ’s sells bunches of daffodils all season for $1.29. I buy 3 a week to change them out. A small price for something that makes me so happy every time I walk in the front door.
On the other side of the credenza is my moss bunny. My MIL gave him to me a few years back and I love him. I filled his backpack and the Spring basket (from Michaels) with a bunch of cute felted eggs I got at Target a few years ago.
Out front, oversized eggs lie in wait with some cute signage to direct the Easter Bunny!
I leave the front door area empty this time of year because we try to avoid any hiding places for resident rattlesnakes.
Next year, I will DIY two matching wreaths though. Put that on my To Do list!
Hoping everyone has a wonderful Easter!
Wow!  Thanks so much for sharing this with us!  It’s amazing!  I really wish I had the ability to put things together as beautifully as her.  Really fabulous!
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Hoppy Decor

Hey mamas,

Today we are talking Easter decor.  Can you believe Easter is only 17 days away?  It’s coming fast!  But it’s not too late to spruce up your home with a little festive decor.  Here are a few pins that are inspiring me lately.  You can follow my Easter board here and my Spring board here for more fresh inspiration.  Or find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!



Love the weather-worn wood box!


No source found.

So so cute!  Love the muted colors and ranunculus.



I always love a great mantel-scape.  This blogger takes you through hers step-by-step.



Old books and new blooms.



My daughter would go crazy over this sweet nest.


No source found

This is so fresh, clean, and springy.  Love it.


No source found

Bunny in motion.  Lovely.



I don’t know why, but I always love a decorated piece of nature.  This is gorgeous.  And this is one of my favorite decor bloggers.  Click the lnk and check out the site.  So inspiring.



This is so sweet.  Robin’s egg blues and old pics of people that have passed.  A great nod to the true meaning of Easter.


No source found

All white with some green.  LOVE this!



Feathers and fresh bulbs in an old chippy crate.  Beautiful.


No source found

So cute!

Are you in love with your own Easter/Spring decor?  If so, send me pics!  We all want to see and be inspired by your genius!  I’ll be featuring reader decor next week, including some of my own.  Email me or comment below and I’ll email you.

Have a hoppy day!


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