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Hey mamas!

Happy Valenitine’s Day!  I hope you have a great day!  Smooches to each and every one of you!!!  I wish I could give you all a bouquet of my favorite flowers.  So here’s a virtual bouquet.


It’s Friday and we all know what the means!  Meet Cam.  I’ve known Cam for about as long as I’ve known my husband.  He, Cam, and Ricky all went to high school together.  But Nick and Cam knew each other even before that.  They go way back…all the way to elementary school!  Cam is the kinda girl that calls it like she sees it.  She’ll give you the shirt off her back if you need it.  She has a 6th sense about people.  She can instantly be able to tell if something is bothering you.  And she wants to know what it is so she can fix it.  She’s great with her boys and she’s awesome with everyone else’s kids too.  Cam is always the calm cool and collected mom.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a pushover, she’s just mellow.  We know that she’s an amazing cook, especially of the Paleo variety, but she’s also crazy creative.  She is a whiz with invitations and she started making Cam wraps.  If you are a crossFitter, you know what these are all about.


Hi ladies, my name is Cam Harder, you may remember me from my Paleo posts from a few weeks back.  I am excited to be back again so soon for Five for Friday.  I will start by saying I have lived in Folsom since I was 2 years old and have NEVER left, I know shocking!!  I married my high school sweetheart 13 years ago and have been together for a grand total of 19 years, ok now I feel old.





We have two handsome little boys Drake (8) and Issac (6).  We are a very active family that does just about everything together.  When Ricky and I first got pregnant everyone teased us that our lives were going to change so much once we have kids.  I’m happy to say it hasn’t changed that much.


Yes, we now have double the sports to attend and a lot more homework to do, but our motto has always been “our kids will live our lives, we won’t live theirs”.


We all do sports year around and as you will quickly figure out below we are all obsessed with CrossFit, especially Folsom City CrossFit.  I hope you enjoy my Five for Friday.


Currently Coveting

My Reebok Nano 2.0’s!! I just spent the last 3 days on my feet for total of 24 hours working a Showcase at my company’s annual sales conference.  After the three long days in boots and flats, I slid my feet into my Nano’s and all of the hurt was gone.


I wear these shoes every day for CrossFit but never truly appreciated their comfort as much as I did after those long three days of standing on a concrete floor.  I struggled with arch and shoe problems for a while when training for half marathons.  I ended up with injury after injury because of my running shoes, I never found the shoe that worked for me.  So when I started CrossFit a year and a half ago, I was really nervous to try a flat shoe that didn’t give me much support.  To my surprise Reebok Nano 2.0’s was just what my foot needed.  I am a “take-off-my-shoes-the-minute-I-walk-into-my-house” kinda girl, but when I am wearing my Nano’s I often don’t kick them off until I am heading up to bed.  These are good for more than just CrossFit folks.  I bought my mom a pair and she wears them for walking and loves them too!!


Reebok Nano 2.0 $109.99

I really love my…

Anything Lululemon!!  “Hi, my name’s Cam Harder and I’m an addict, a Lulu addict.”  I blame this horrible addiction on my best friend Nicole!  What are best friends for, if not to take the blame for your shopping addictions?  I love anything and everything that this company makes.  But my two top favorites are their In The Flow Crops, I seriously own them in every color and their Mula Bandhawear Thongs.  These crops and underwear are God’s gift to any girl that works out.  Part of the reason I love Lulu so much is I struggled for a really long time to find a brand of workout clothes that I didn’t spend my workout fighting with.  I had tried every brand under the moon when my BFF introduced me to Lululemon and the rest is history.  The In The Flow Crop is my all-time favorite for many reasons but the #1 reason being the waist band.  Let’s face it my two sweet, adorable little boys left me with some extra skin after they exited the womb.  The waist band on the In the Flow Crops rides high enough to keep everything tucked in without the uncomfortable cutting into my skin leaving everything nice and smooth.  The Wunder Under (high/low) fits the same way.


In The Flow Crop $78  


Wunder Under (high/low) $92

Guilty pleasure…

Have I mentioned Lululemon yet?  Ok I know this is totally over kill and I swear I don’t work for Lululemon (although I sometimes wish I did).  This is my total guilty pleasure, if I could spend my whole paycheck at this store I would in a heartbeat.  I know I told you I really love my In the Flow Crops and my Wunder Under (high/lows) but I would live in this top all day every day if my husband would let me.  The Healthy Heart pullover is my favorite top by far.  I wear it with jeans, leggings, crops and shorts.  Did I say I wear it all the time?  I have it in black, but I REALLY hope they make it again and in more colors.  I just might buy them ALL!!  That’s the one disadvantage to Lulu, if you don’t jump on it you might miss out of a gem.  So if you see something you love buy it!!  Because I guarantee you that within a week or so it will be gone.  So what are you doing?  Go shopping at Lulu NOW!!


Fave beauty items:

Clinique’s High Impact Curling Mascara.  All I can say is amazing!!  I have been using this for a new years now and love it.  It is smudge, flake, smear-resistant for up to 24 eye-opening hours. It is tear proof (I have tested it) but is removed easily with warm water.  If I just don’t feel like washing my face after a night of wine and dancing with my girls.  I don’t wake up a scary mess either.


Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara $16.00


If you caught what I said in my first fave beauty item I’m not that great at washing my face each night.  I know I know, I get in trouble for this all the time.  But a product that I just love and keeps my skin in good balance comes from my good friend Shannon at Sugar Mama’s Skin Studio.  I have really dry skin and working out 6 days a week doesn’t help.  So I was my face as often as I remember with Lemieux Peptide Foaming Cleanser.

Recent mommy moment…

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a MOB (mom of boys) and I wear that badge proudly.  I am actually really happy I didn’t have a girl because as girly as I am, I’m just a “boy mom” at heart.  I don’t give my sympathy to falls, the words out of my mouth after falls are usually something along the lines of “Is there blood?” or I yell “Safe!!”  like they just made the game winning slide into home plate.  Every once in a while, I wish I had a girl in the house with me.  It usually hits me when I’m getting a pedicure and the mom and daughter next to me are so darn cute together.  But this next “moment” is one where I was for sure wishing I could roll my eyes at the boys with my daughter.

I’m downstairs making dinner, the hubs is on the couch and the boys are running around being crazy with their walkie talkies.  Issac my youngest was down in the kitchen with me and Drake was upstairs.  Issac says, “Drake, Drake, come in Drake.  DRAKE!!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING DRAKE?”  Yes he was yelling at this point and it’s DEAD quiet on the other end.  All of a sudden I hear “PPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” that’s right ladies, Drake was in the bathroom peeing with the walkie talkie on so Issac could hear him.  We all started laughing hysterically and all I could do was shake my head and say “Boys!!”.

Love it all!  Cam is, seriously, the best!  Thanks for taking the time to share all your tips, favorites, and mom moment with us!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!


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Runners workout and some comfort Paleo comfort food

Nick 1

Our resident CrossFit coach, my handsome hubby Nick, is back!  He’s an awesome coach, you can see him in action at Folsom City CrossFit.

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Workout Wednesday and Paleo Recipes

Nick 1

This Workout Wednesday has a great workout you can do at your gym and two excellent Paleo recipes.

First up is our CrossFit coach again, my handsome hubby Nick.  He’s an awesome coach, you can see him in action at Folsom City CrossFit.

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Holiday Gift Guide: the Manliest of Men

men Collage

Happy Wednesday!

Are you guys still so excited about our 1st Annual Momtourage GIVE Event?  I am!  There are even more raffle prizes rolling in!  Super fun!

Here is our 4th installation of the 2013 Holiday gift guide.  I collaborated with the Gift Whisperer (AKA my hubby) to find out what men really want.  I came up with most of the gifts and he came up with witty replies.  I hope you enjoy and I truly hope you find a gift for the men in your lives.  It’s so hard to shop for them!!!!

Stocking Stuffers

pocket pint


Mama Momoturage: For the man on the go…that likes his drinks to go too.  Or maybe for the optimist that always thinks he will come across a kegger.

Gift Whisperer: Not to mention, late into the night it doubles as a looking glass.  Who needs beer goggles? You can spot a lady from afar…AAARGHHH!!  (Disclaimer:  I do not practice such behavior because I am a happily married man.  Just saying.)

survival kit


Mama Momoturage: Doesn’t every man always want to save the day…..

Gift Whisperer: Every guy wants to be MacGuyver and if they won’t admit they’re lying.

Whiskey Stones

Mason Shaker Whisky Stones $17.00

Mama Momoturage: My man doesn’t drink whiskey, but I like to think that Tom Selleck does.  And wouldn’t he need something like this.  Did I mention that I really loooove Tom Selleck??

Gift Whisperer: WTF is a whiskey stone?  Magnum PI would never use these…



Mama Momoturage: We have some serious golfers in our family, and I think this could come in handy!  Plus, ladies, have you ever wanted to emboss your initials or maybe a special message on your man’s balls?  (Sorry, the joke was too easy!)

Gift Whisperer: You’re man can finally personalize his PRO V-1s with his nickname, “Big Hitter” or “Fore!”


Ad-N-Art Brew2Go Insulated Tumbler $18.00

Mama Momoturage: For the man on the go that spills a little bit, or maybe for the tipsy man?  Wait, maybe for the dude that rides his bike a lot….

Gift Whisperer: No more party fouls for guys…”I didn’t bill my speer…Blaaaaghhhh!!.  Hey you’re pretty.”  (Disclaimer:  I do not practice such behavior because I am a happily married man.  Just saying.)

bike lights


Mama Momoturage: Really could have used these over the summer.  These look awesome!

Gift Whisperer: What good are lights that shine out the side of my handlebars…Shouldn’t “safety” lights safely light the road in front of me?  On the upside cars won’t hit you.

Folding speaker

Kikkerland USB Accordion Speaker $20.00

Mama Momoturage: For the man that loves his tunes.

Gift Whisperer: Now your man can pull a speaker out of his pocket  and serenade you with the sweet sultry sounds of Whitesnake, Sister Christian or Styx

Gift Guide

35mm camera

Lemography ‘Fisheye All Black’ Camera $55.00

Mama Momoturage: It’s a 35mm camera, so maybe for the hipster?

Gift Whisperer: I’m starting a movement.  Lets take vintage photography back from those skinny jean, knit cap posers.    BTW, why do they ride those stupid multi-color ten-speeds with no brakes? I don’t get it.

luggage tags

A Pair of Custom Smoke Grey Leather Luggage Tags $81.00

Mama Momoturage: For the world traveler..

Gift Whisperer:  These are awesome.  You can…uh…you can…uh…put them on your luggage



Mama Momoturage: I know my hubby will hate this, but I kinda love this.  They are tuxedo shorts.  Chubbies is a company that has some seriously hilarious advertisements. They’re motto is “Sky’s out thighs out!”.  How could somebody not chuckle at that???

Gift Whisper:  I’ll endorse these for the simple fact that the company puts out some of the funniest ads around.  If you don’t like their FB page you are missing out.

reebok shoes

Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 $119.99

Mama Momoturage: If you recall, my hubby is a crossfit coach at Folsom City CrossFit and he helped me with this Workout Wednesday post.  Well, he loves these shoes.  So, if your man is into crossfit you totally need to get him these.

Gift Whisperer: Ok so these will only be good for a CFers but they are my personal favorites.  BTW you don’t have to be a meat head to wear them.

G Shock

G-Shock X-Large Big Combi Watch, 55mm x 51mm $150.00

Mama Momtourage: I personally don’t see the allure, but the hubster peeked over my shoulder when I was surfing the world-wide-web for fab gift ideas for the men in all our lives and he went a little cray.  So I had to include it…

Gift Whisperer: I don’t know why she doesn’t get the allure…It doubles as a “stunner” watch and a watch for the tri-athlete.  Basically its what Kanye or Jay-Z would wear if they were competing in the IronMan.

Mama Momtourage: Babe, no one like Kanye anymore, he’s kinda a joke now.  And let’s be real: Hova is not engaging in anything athletic right now.  Have you seen him lately???

Bose minis

Bose SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker $199.99

Mama Momtourage: Bose is definitely BOSS in the sound world, and this is mini, so I guess that makes it supa dupa fly!

Gift Whisperer: I mean I’m not saying that it will bump like the woofer you used to have in a box in your trunk, but its pretty awesome.

bonobos sweater

Bonobos The Portofino Italian Cashmere Hoodie – Grey $238.00

Mama Momtourage: I love a dude in something soft, and this is a hoodie which rocks.  It says to me, “I like luxurious fabrics, but like to fly below the radar.  Come over here and feel how soft this Italian cashmere is…”.

Gift Whisperer:  Ladies don’t dress your men…that is all



Mama Momtourage: Alright, alright, I kinda want this for just me….but I’m sure there’s a man out there that digs it too.

Gift Whisperer:  Old school meets new school…its pretty cool.

Mama Momtourage: See!!!


Burberry Giant Check Cashmere Scarf  $395.00

Mama Momoturage: A classic Burberry scarf in another soft fabric.  I love a man in a scarf!

Gift Whisperer: See Cashmere Hoodie

Mama Momoturage: You wear scarves…..

I hope you’ve enjoyed our take on gifts for him.  Now I have to go return some things…..


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