Crocktober Pinsperation

On Monday I told you guys about Crocktober, and showed a little of my fall decor.  Did you like my girl Megan’s Crocktober FB page yet?  If not, you totally should!  She already shared one recipe and there will be another tomorrow and everyday this month.  I love it!  Yesterday I shared a picture of my crockpot lunch on Instagram and everyone wanted the recipe.  Crocktober is in full effect!

Today’s Pinsperation is all about the crockpot.  If you don’t have one yet, get one!  For more inspiration follow my Crocktober Pinterest Board here, my Culinary Inspiration Board has other great recipes, and you can find all my boards and pins here.


 Mama Momtourage’s Spicy Thai Soup (tastes very similar to La Bou’s)

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Back to School Lunches


School lunches…that typically brings up mixed feelings in most mamas.  It’s a chore that can be a bore…  But we all have to do it.  Today was on Good Day Sacramento with the super fun Melissa to show you how to make the lunch chore easier and to give you a few fun new things to try!  You can see part 1 of the segment here and part 2 here.  I’m not talking about super elaborate bento box style lunches with falcon sculptures made of cheese.  Although, if you’re into that, that’s awesome!  I’m talking special touches that take seconds, giving dinners a new life, and displaying the typical lunch food in new ways.

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Good Day Goodies: Teacher Gift Idea

Hey mamas,

Here is the recipe and instructions for the super cute Teacher Gift Idea from my Good Day Sacramento spot today.  Here’s a link to the video.

Teacher Gift Idea

teacher gift

Cupid Chow Recipe

1 box crunchy cereal (I used Crispix, but you could use Chex)

1 bag milk chocolate chips

1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter (we eat the all natural stir stuff, but for this I bought Jiff because it has a sweeter flavor)

2 cups powdered sugar

1 bag Valentine’s Day M&Ms

Put the peanut butter and chocolate into a microwave safe dish.  Nuke it for 45 second intervals (stirring each time) until it’s fully melted and combined.  If it starts to get a weird clumpy texture try a tablespoon of butter.  Butter makes everything better, LOL.  Pour your cereal into a large bowl.  Then pour the chocolate and peanut butter mixture on top and stir stir stir.  You may feel like your crunching up your cereal, but it’s all good.  I promise.  Next add your powdered sugar to the bowl and stir stir stir again until it’s all coated and looking tasty.  (Some really awesome people put the chocolaty covered cereal into zip lock bags and shake with the powdered sugar in batches.  This mama doesn’t like to dirty up or use up too many things.  And mine came out pretty good….Just sayin’)  The add the M&Ms, stir again and place into the fridge to chill.

Let’s put this gift together!  I bought a cute little 2 cup size measuring cup at the store.  I filled up a bag with the Cupid Chow and tied it up with twine.  I found this awesome Free Printable, printed it out, punched a hole in the corner, and had Ms. Lou write her name.  I also added a gift card for her teacher.  I hear not all teachers like coffee, so this teacher gets a gift cert to the liquor store.  I kid, I kid…but I really did buy her a gift card for a wine shop.  Lyla’s teacher is cool like that.  Enjoy and warning, this mix is very very addicting.



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