The Best Crockpot Ribs Recipe Ever

The Best Crockpot Ribs Recipe Ever

I posted this picture of our Crockpot Ribs dinner on Monday on instagram and a few people asked for the recipe.  So here is the nitty gritty on The Best Crockpot Ribs Recipe Ever.  Seriously, the easiest recipe!  In fact, my side dishes were more labor intensive that the ribs.  Let me start by saying that ribs have always been something that intimated me.  I’ve known people to cook them for hours, then smoke them, then grill them.  Well, I’m not that proficient at the grill and we don’t own a smoker.  When I came across a crockpot rib recipe on Pinterest about a year ago I studied it very carefully.  THIS was a GAME-CHANGER.

There is a growing divide in our house when it comes to ribs.  My hubby likes them dry and I like a sauce.  Cooking them in the crockpot not only takes the guesswork out of the cooking, but it solves this dry vs wet dilemma as well.  You’ll see…

Read on for my full menu with recipes for The Best Crockpot Ribs Recipe Ever with caramelized onions green beans and loaded mashed potatoes.

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